Adventure with a very special creature and wood...

Dobby is free from the wood he was contained in :-) Wow, It was a long journey, especially because I insisted on figuring out how to make his eyes glow.

My beloved wood puppetry teacher - Bernd Ogrodnick - is teaching us such cool things, sometimes he says - try it one day, you don't have to do everything now. But I knew I want to do it as soon as possible.

Well, it took a lot more than a day. I had to learn basic electricity circuit, and maybe the brain after 40 is slower.

Anyway, my dear dear father helped me so much, explaining with patience again and again, giving me the welding equipment needed, oh dear, everything from scratch! But that is why I love puppetry so much! There is always something new to learn, and it is mind blowing when you finally succeed. I didn't know I can jump that high :-) and maybe you heard my screaming when the light in the eyes went on, pure joy!

you can watch him in action. (Forgive me for my puppet manipulation skills - still working on that...)

Now I am working on the next puppet, which I hope I will manage to build wings for... But more on that later. Meanwhile, Thank you for reading, Love and Kisses, From Dobby and me

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