My name is Yael.  This is the Hebrew name of the Capra Goat, who lives on the mountains. And one day, on a mountain like that, just before sunset, with the warm winds of end of summer, I suddenly heard my heart. It wasn’t really clear back than yet, but it was the start…
Yael Of The Mountains is my heart calling. It is the fruit, the coming to life of all that I love, of all that I have learned (and will never stop learning) during this journey.

I was born and still live in Israel, with my husband, our three kids, and a cat.
I am practicing Yoga almost every day (and Paola method every time I need help and nothing seem to work. It is a miracle, I also believe in miracles by the way)  
I used to play guitar and violin (which I totally fell in love with, hope to return to doing that soon…)  

I was always making art.
For years, I have explored many art forms and art materials, sewing and embroidery, drawing, illustrating and painting, sculpting, and many more. Loving all the techniques, I couldn’t choose one above the others.

Now I make dolls and puppets (actually – little people)
I use wool, wood, fabrics, and many other materials that I find and collect.
(I do my best to minimize waist and reuse materials)
I was so happy to discover that doll and puppet making – involves using all the techniques I love, with endless possibilities to invent and combine.
I also love the idea of making handmade sustainable art that I hope will serve people for years to come, as we are almost drowning in plastic garbage… (And thank you my beloved teacher Bernd Orgodnick for phrasing it so accurately)

I founded Yael of the mountains because I believe that one should follow his heart, and it will open the hearts of others, what the world needs now, is love, sweet love...

Now I am also performing with my puppets and enjoying it so much :-)

Thank you for reading so far,
you can contact me for custom orders, or to invite me and my puppets to perform our show to you.
Sending you love and blessings,


* Maria Asenova pattern